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Decontamination works

Retention ponds located at ECKG´s sewage lines were cleaned, and now the local creek is better protected against contamination from industrial operations.

The programm to eradicate old environmental damage at our facilities continues

ECKG operates an extensive sewage system that serves not only the power plant but also the large industrial complex surrounding the plant. This system of pipes and channels is also equipped with several sedimential and retention ponds which are used as "barriers" against contamination of the main pipelines and waste water treatment plant and the local creek into which the system debouches, in the event of chemical or oil leaks from industrial activities. These ponds were full of sediment that had settled there for decades without ever being cleaned. Last yaer ECKG decided to clean these ponds in order to improve environmental safety. About 10 000 tons of oil- and tar-contaminated slags were excavated and liquidated in compliance with waste management regulations at a total cost of more than EUR 1 million.